Transparent Sexy Pink Heart
22nd of January, 2014

A World in Steampunk

The churning of gears,
The winding of cogs.
Smoke flies through the air -
The world in a hazy smog.

Ships fly through the skies -
Their sails a beige or grey.
Cannons loaded and ready to blow
Any sky pirates away.

Corsets laced tight,
And stockings pulled high.
Waistcoats and top hats -
Maybe goggles for your eyes.

Mechanical beast roam,
All metal, on wheels with spokes;
Copper elephants; brass dogs;
Steam-powered giraffes that smoke.

Possibilities are endless
In a historical world of dreams.
Automaton men lurk around -
Nothing is as it seems.

You can fly through the air
On mechanical wings.
You have to be careful, though,
Don't lose any springs!

Create alchemical potions
For a variety of ailments -
You just have to be certain
That they won't kill of your patients.

Attend spectacular balls,
Dressed in glorious attire.
Just make sure it's not crashed
By motorized spiders.

Yes, nothing is impossible!
You can do anything at all!
Just close your eyes and dream it,
And I'm sure you'll have a ball!